Shoot silhouettes

Shoot silhouettes

Once you’ve mastered the basics, take it up a notch

Often the images that pack the most punch are those that create a sense of intrigue and drama. While rim lighting is ideal for accentuating the form of a model, there are other lighting effects that can add impact to your portraits, and one of these is the silhouette.

Silhouettes are relatively simple to shoot, requiring a light source placed directly behind the subject. these often work better in simple, uncluttered scenes, so ensure that you’re shooting in a distraction-free environment.

Once you’ve tried your hand at shooting in low-light conditions, you’ll see just how simple it is to capture creative and striking portraits. the effects that you can create in low light are endless, so keep practising and your skills with go from strength to strength.

create your own silhouette

Set up your camera In manual mode, start by setting the shutter speed to 1/125 sec, then set the aperture to the widest value possible, with the white balance set to the flash preset.

Create your lighting attach a set of wireless triggers to your ash and DSLR. Then set the ash to manual and the flash power to 1/32. Check that the ash res correctly.

Position the ashgun With the model in position, place the ashgun on the ground so it points away from the model, illuminating the wall. When you’re all set up, take the shot.

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