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eDit to perFeCtion Follow these quick tweaks to really polish off your shots Summer landscapes top tip Camera Raw methods shooTing your landscapes in Raw mode gives you a fully uncompressed le or ‘digital negative’ to work with when it comes to the editing stage, and any changes you make can be tweaked again later. Photoshop’s Adobe Camera Raw plug-in is a good place to start... when you nd yourself shooting in bright sunlight, a good technique is to underexpose slightly so that you retain highlight detail in the skies. As you can see from our starting shot, however, this approach often renders the overall shot very dark, drab and dull. The good news is that it’s easy to liven up the nal photo when editing, even just with a few quick tweaks to the highlight and shadow levels, to recreate the gorgeous summery scene that your eye saw in a jiffy!

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